Allyce Wood: Of the Carcass

Opens Thursday, November 3rd, from 5-9pm. Runs through the month of November.

artist statement:

"As a non-hunter, artist Allyce Wood focuses not on the prospects of food or warmth-giving pelts, but the beauty and strangeness of each natural element when removed from the carcass. Subjects such as meat preparation, the skinning of kills, and the basic handling of the dead are recreated by watercolor painted paper sculptures, cut paper tangles, and prints. Tangles of blood vessels stand alone like tumbleweeds, gold weavings hang like drying fruit: emblems of the richness of life left to shrivel. The material selected reflects upon the fragility of life: the temporality of construction is a reminder of the tenuous existence of those being depicted. The artificial remains are displayed upon black woodworks: tripods such as those over camping fires or meat-drying racks further explaining the consciousness of the humans involved in the original actions."

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